I’m sure that most of us are cleaning our hands more than we ever have in our life. It is one of the essential methods for keeping yourself and your family healthy, but it should only be a part of your strategy to keep safe. 

Just imagine for example that you head out to the store. You have a mask on, so you feel pretty confident that you won’t get infected, but what you don’t realize is that the person that touched that can of beans before you got there was infected with the coronavirus, but not yet showing any symptoms. You now touch that very same can and even though you don’t take the can home, your hand is contaminated and driving home, you also contaminate your steering wheel. When you get home, you open the door, turn on the light, and wash your hands. This might make you feel like you are safe, but there are many areas of your home where the coronavirus now is sitting, waiting for you to contaminate your hands once more.

As you can see from this short discussion, it’s important to keep on cleaning your home, as well as your hands.