Cold weather is not as far away as you would like to think. Heating your home during the winter can become quite costly, so it is definitely worth the time and effort to prepare for the cold. When it comes to heating, the cost is going to depend greatly on how well insulated your home is. If you have bad insulation, you will be pumping warm air into a leaking home, and much of the energy will be lost. On many homes you can notice that there is a problem by the amount of icicles that form, since warm air escaping is melting the snow.

Replacing the insulation inside of your walls is, however, a major project, but your attic on the other hand is usually fairly easy to access. The insulation in your attic has a huge impact since warm air rises.

You should also make sure that your pipes are insulated and that there aren’t any pipes that are exposed to the cold, since this could lead to a busted pipe if it gets cold enough. Sealing cracks around your windows and doors also helps keep your warm air in.