When you’re faced with a disaster, how confident would you feel that your home would make it out of it intact? Of course, this depends to a large extent on the type of disaster, but there is a method that will help protect your home in several different scenarios, and that is by implementing defensible space around your home.

Defensible space is a way of controlling vegetation and debris around your home that could become fuel in case of a wildfire or projectiles in a hurricane. Usually, you would divide up your property into 3 zones. The zone closest to your home should be completely clear of trees, shrubs, and loose debris. The next zone should be kept well-trimmed as well, but it can have some trees or bushes in it, as long as they aren’t too close together. In the third zone, you would just do some basic trimming to keep things under control.

Usually, the inner zone should stretch out about 15 feet from your home while the middle zone goes out around 100 feet. Of course, adjustments can be made to this depending on your property.