Almost every one of us will put things up on the walls of our homes. It could be art, decorations, shelving or electronics. Whatever it is, you don’t want it to fall off the walls, but the problem is that unless you have a stud right where you want to mount the item, you will be dealing with drywall, which isn’t a stable medium for attaching things to. The solution to this is to use a wall anchor which will provide better support.

There are a wide range of wall anchors, all with different weight ratings. Of course, the quality of your drywall will have some influence on this, as well, but usually you wouldn’t mount something very heavy on your wall just using anchors.

Before you start, you should make sure that you have an anchor that can handle the weight of whatever your are mounting. You should also have the correct screw that matches the anchor. If your screw is either too large or too small for the anchor, it will not function properly.