There are many things that you need to consider when you have children that might not be a concern for others. There seems to be no limit to the ways in which children can get into trouble. For example, you know better than to try to climb your furniture, but a young child that wants to reach something that is on top of a dresser, might just decide to use the drawers as a staircase. Of course, most furniture will not be able to handle this and will tip over, and this is where you want to have tip-over brackets installed.

Tip-over brackets are usually sent with furniture that you buy that could become a tipping risk, and they come in many different designs and methods of installation. The basic functionality is to provide a tether between your furniture and the wall to prevent a tip over. It is important that you install the bracket into a wall stud or with a very sturdy anchor, otherwise it will rip right out of the wall under the combined weight of the furniture and your child.