Ants are everywhere. As a homeowner, you’ve probably seen some inside of your home, wondering how to get rid of them. Usually, the first trace of ants you will see is one or a few scouts that are finding anything that your home has to offer the colony. Ants love sweet things, so having sugar, honey, sweet drinks or anything like that can attract them. This means that your garbage and recycling needs to be closed up tightly to prevent access. You should also make sure that items in your pantry are closed up tight.

If the scouts make it back to the colony, you could have a full-fledged invasion on your hands, and sometimes this can be quite tricky to deal with. Ant-traps with bait usually works fairly well for killing invading ants, especially when they are placed near the path that the ants take to get into your home.

Ants might not be the most harmful insects that you need to deal with, but they can be quite annoying, so following these simple steps will lower the chance of having that experience.