Do you want your home to look good, but at the same time, not break the budget? Your best bet if you need to replace your siding would be to go with vinyl.

Vinyl might not be the most durable material on the market, or the prettiest, but considering the cost, it definitely delivers value for your money.

Vinyl is susceptible to damage from extreme heat, which is why you wouldn’t want to keep your grill or fire pit near the house.

On the other end of the spectrum, cold temperatures can make the vinyl very brittle, making it at risk of cracking when impacted, so you should exercise care around it in the wintertime.

Vinyl doesn’t have any problems with things that affect other materials. It won’t rot or get infected by bugs like wood can, and it won’t rust or dent like metal. Considering the pros and cons, vinyl definitely is a valid option for siding.