With outside temperatures dropping, you are probably already heating your home up. While you have insulation keeping the heat inside your home, there might be some areas that you don’t heat since they aren’t made for you to utilize. This could be your attic, basement or crawl spaces. They might not get as cold as the outside, but neither will they be as hot as the living areas of your home. While it makes sense not to heat them up, there might be a side effect of these areas being cold that you haven’t considered. If there are pipes running through these areas, the pipes are at risk for freezing, and your hot water might not be as hot when it actually makes it to the faucet.

What is the solution? You can insulate your pipes. This will help both in the winter when you won’t lose heat from your hot water pipes, and in the summer when your cold water won’t be heated up. You can find insulation shaped as sleeves made for installing on pipes, and all you need to do is cut the corners at an angle to get perfect coverage.